Until Death

When Michael, a young successful businessman dies, he finds that he is still able to talk to his wife Tamsin. He discovers that there are consequences to still ‘being around’ and endeavours to find out what they are to stop them before it’s too late.

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Q&A with Adam C Prince about the Novelette

What is the book about?

Essentially the story is about Michael. At the start of the story he finds out that he’s about to die and after he passes away he realises that he is still around and is still able to communicate with his wife. However Michael has a past and it is his past that is preventing him from “crossing over”. There are consequences to still being around and Michael needs to resolve this before he can progress.

This story is quite different, where did the inspiration for this come from?

I found myself in a writing workshop. The group had to submit ideas for stories. I was really worried about my health at the time and one of my ideas was ‘What if I died’. Another member of the group had the idea of ‘What if he could still talk to his late father.’ I combined the two ideas together and came up with ‘What if I died and could still talk to my wife.’ That is the premise of the story. I started writing in the first person before switching to the third.

How hard was it to write this story?

I wanted to say something with this story, something that reflected me. I felt like the story was downloaded to me. I started writing knowing exactly what was going to happen. I still had a couple of issues connecting some of the dots but generally the story flowed and was set from the beginning. I wish every story I wrote was as simple a process as this.

Why is it a Novelette?

It was supposed to be a short story but it kept getting longer and longer until it was too long to officially be called a short story and too short to be a Novella. The category in between is called a Novelette.

Is this the start of a series?

I intended this as a one off story. I have loads of ideas for different types of stories but at the moment I don’t have the time to implement them. However, I will never say never. It is always possible to continue stories like this and perhaps I will one day.